A man in Ontario was surprised to learn that his stolen car wouldn’t be covered by his insurance.

The Ontario roofer was shocked when his insurance company said that they wouldn’t cover the costs of a rental car.

At home in Mississauga, Damir Pogarcic was relieved when his car stopped and he found out that the thieves had not taken anything from his family. The only thing missing from the vehicle was his garage door opener.

Shortly after his truck theft, Pogarcic filed a claim with Aviva Canada to replace it.
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Just like you, we strive to be experts in our field. That’s why we use trucks, not just cars. And that means being able to get the customer to their home.

When negligence leads to injury or death, it becomes the responsibility of the company to pay out what is owed. When working for another company, full compensation can be reimbursed by filing a petition with an uppercase I.

A woman is furious after she claims her husband hit a cyclist, had the cyclist called out for insurance purposes, then when he found out the insurance wouldn’t cover the accident, said he thought it would.

You want Aviva to settle the claim, and whether or not she does, you will have the option to take them to court.

There was a car in my parents’ driveway that wasn’t there when I left for school this morning. It’s been deliberately stolen and we don’t know why anyone would do this to us. The vehicle is essential to our livelihood and it needs to be replaced immediately.

If you do use your vehicle for business purposes, you may need to purchase additional commercial insurance and, if you don’t, an insurance company could deny your claim.

Aviva Canada reached out to CTV News to evaluate the validity of their claim. Mr. Pogarcic said “we are in the process of working with Aviva and we do not discuss personal details of our customers’ insurance plans.”

Drivers of private vehicles will need to be careful about what insurance coverage they purchase for their vehicle. This is important to understand because their coverage is different than that of commercial cars since there are multiple factors involved in deciding which insurance policy is right for them.

“Customers often need to let their insurance advisors know something about their usage of their vehicles, especially when they are new drivers. This allows them not to have expensive coverage premiums increase, and to ensure they have the right coverage.”

The pagarcic family is hopeful their case will be settled soon. In the meantime, they are having to cover the cost of the rental, insurance payments and loan payments on the stolen truck.

“I have to work. I’m the only one earning money for my family, and the kids have to eat.” This is what Pogarcic said.

If you’re using your vehicle for business purposes, such as deliveries, ride-sharing platforms, or sales and marketing, you may also need to carry additional liability.

With the option, you can provide a replacement vehicle for your clients in case of an accident or theft of their auto.

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