A freak accident is what it looks like when the roof of an elementary school in Highland Park comes off due to high winds.

Nothing happened on Sunday after a large section of the roof was blown off during high winds at Indian Trail Elementary.

Superintendent Michael Lubelfeld sent a letter to parents informing them of an incident at the North Shore School District 112. The school is located in Highland Park, IL.

In a Saturday email, Lubelfeld told students that part of the roof near the blacktop and playfield had peeled off.

The roof of the building peeled off from west to east and blew off in a northward direction.

The incident took place at a soccer event, but fortunately no one was injured.

It seemed as if there wasn’t any additional damage beyond what could be seen.

Lubelfeld said, “The administration was particularly concerned about water exposure due to the damage.”

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Notifications from District 112 operations staff and an emergency roofing crew were present on-site to access and repair damages that occurred over the weekend.

The roof and materials from the damaged corner of the building were removed, Lubelfeld said.

Crews treated the roof with a watertight seal and hauled away any waste material to dispose of it.

Lubelfeld confirmed to Lake County Scanner on Tuesday that all students and faculty are safe after an incident that occurred Monday. He described it as a “freak accident,” and classes have resumed as normal.

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