5 Practical and Quick DIY Roof Repair Ideas

You don’t really need to pick up your phone to call experts for minor roof repair cases in your space. However, there is no place like home, and you wouldn’t want your home to make you feel uncomfortable. Imagine having raindrops falling on your couch, your bed, or even your head. There is a need for do-it-yourself ideas to help you do some quick repairs on your roof in some cases.

While some roof damages require the services of expert Toronto roofers, dedicated DIYers can repair minor damages.

Find the Leak Source

Most times, it’s easier said than done. But for dedicated DIYers, this is often the first step to achieving a quick roof repair. Check out for water stains on partitions and ceilings. You can use a ladder to reach the top and inspect your ceilings. If you have binoculars, you can check from the ground to see if there are cracked, curled, or missing shingles.

Areas where shingles butt can be sources of leaks. Likewise, damaged flashing and caulking can cause leaks. Take time out to check around the chimney to see if there are loose materials. The vents and pipes of the chimney can be the source of leaks. To ensure a good roof repair, you need to locate the source of leaks.

During a DIY Roof Repair, Flatten Curled Shingles

Next on the list of the process to undergo during DIY roof repairs is flattening curled shingles. Using a coat of asphalt roofing cement, you can secure curled shingles. Some other adhesives come into play in this scenario. While apply asphalt cement using a brush, ensure you hold down the edges and corners of the shingles to make them stay firm and not spring up again.

Replace Faulty and Missing Shingles

Removing a rotten or damaged shingle can be quite tricky. So, you need to take your time during any roof repair to elevate the edges of the surrounding shingles. You’ll have to remove the existing nails on the corners using a pry bar or hammer. This will let you removed the rotten shingles without damaging the neighboring shingles.

Get a new shingle and gently slide it into place and hold it with those on the other sides. Used roofing nails to hold the shingle on each corner.

Reseal Dormers and Chimneys after Roof Repair

At this point, you need to reseal your chimney and dormers. Use roofing cement or caulking gun to seal the joints of flashing, chimneys, and dormers. During any roof repair, this prevents leaks that occur around dormers and chimneys.

Replace the Old Roof Entirely

Without a doubt, this is one of the best decisions any property owner can make. If you decide to replace your entire roof, then you can’t really do it yourself. You need an expert who will analyze your existing roof before crafting a solution that works. The benefits of hiring an expert roofer can never be overemphasized. While some may build a new roof on the old one, others will remove the old one entirely. Universal Roofs Inc. will help you whenever you need a roof repair or replacement in Toronto.

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