4 Super-Simple Tricks I used During my Roof Repair in Toronto

If you own a building, you can attest that the roof is one of the most significant investments. In fact, one would gladly prefer to fix some damages on other parts of the building than embarking on a roof repair. Nevertheless, when the need for it calls, you have to do it.

Some time ago, I got into some roofing issues. Of course, you wouldn’t want to experience it because it often comes with trauma.  It was a cold evening when we heard a loud hit on our roof. Dang! We wondered what it could be. While I suggested it might be some animals jumping on the top, she called my mind to the tree close to our building. Perhaps, one of its weak branches has hit our roof. Suddenly, we stopped talking about it and slept off.

As time passed, we lived without an idea that we might need a quick roof repair in Toronto.  Then we started noticing water dents on our walls and staining on our interior ceilings. At first, we didn’t take it much seriously until we saw our exterior paints peeling. It wasn’t a nice feeling as we wished we could fix it in a few seconds and restore our paintings, walls, and ceilings to their pre-damage conditions. But this would take a little time.

Guess what? We fixed it fast, and now, we don’t talk about the need for our roofs. Here’s it; repair professional works can never be undermined, but there are some scenarios where you might need to implement some DIY tips to get out of some roofing problems. But if you can’t do these DIY tips, you should call a professional to work on it, which is where Best Roofing Toronto comes in handy.

DIY Tips For Your Roof Repair

Virtually everyone would tell you to climb your roof to know the problem and possibly fix it immediately, but I have an objection. That’s not the first step. Surprised? Take a glass of your favorite wine and watch me unfold the simple tricks I used to repair my roof.

Don’t Feel Frustrated

You see, having a sudden need for a roof repair can be quite traumatic, and to some persons, frustrating, but you don’t have to be too emotional about it, so it doesn’t break you. It’s a mere roofing problem and shouldn’t cost all your joy and happiness. As for me, when my wife and I finally observed that the roof needed a repair, we tried as much not to feel down and frustrated. So, we cracked jokes about it and had good laughs. Sounds strange, huh? That’s how we did it, and it worked!

Finding the Roof Leak

Did I tell you? We used asphalt shingles in roofing our home. So, it was not a herculean task to fix the leak. When we were ready to do the actual roof repair, we took out time to study the water stains’ directions on our walls and the areas with peeling paints. We noted the leak’s location from the inside, and then I climbed the roof with a ladder to find the damaged area. Boom! The felled branch was still lying there, almost decaying. I could easily sense that was the leaky area. On getting there, I pulled it off and saw that it damaged a few shingles. 

This might not always be the case for most roof repairs in Toronto. Leaks can happen at any place where shingles butt or flashing and shingles have been compromised. So, you should always check out for these things. The tent-shaped shingles, know as End Caps, which cover the roof peaks, can be the leak point. Take your time to check out these things because finding the leak points is a huge step towards solving the problem.

Replacing Damaged Shingles

On to the next step! I found the damaged shingles, and it was time to replace them. Luckily, we had some leftover shingles from the previous installation. So, it was a plus for us. I removed the damaged shingles, installed new underlayment, and gently replaced the damaged shingles.

If you have cracked, rotten, or missing shingles, replacing them will be an ideal option. If you’re in to make it a DIY project, here’s what to do. To remove an already damaged shingle sheet, gently lift the edges of the other shingles surrounding it and remove the nails with a pry bar. Once you remove the nails, the shingle should be out quickly. Take your time to scrape off the residue cement from the roof and remove protruding nails.

Before you replace any shingle, use a utility knife to round the back corners. This lets the shingle slide under the one above it and matches the ones on either side. Gently raise the corners of the shingles overlapping it and fasten the new piece with roofing nails. Ensure you fasten nails in each corner and cover the nail heads with roof cement.

 If you’ve been using asphalt shingles for some time now, you’d know their corners often begin to curl over time. If this is the case with your roof, then you have to make curled-back shingles smooth. Since shingles are more pliable under warm temperature, you might want to use a blow dryer to soften them so you can uncurl them easily. Do well to note that you might end up damaging the shingles if you use a higher heat source during a roof repair session.

Fix Flashing

While I didn’t find the need to do this on my roof because the joints around my chimneys and dormers are still working fine, you might need this tip. Here’s it; if your roof leaks due to metal flashing around dormers and chimneys, then you need to use a caulk gun to replace it. Simply fill the caulk gun with roofing cement and reseal the joints.

If a joint with roof cement shows some signs of damage, you might want to add a fresh new coat of roof cement with a putty knife. While replacing shingles, it’s also advisable to use a caulking gun to put a dab of roof sealants under the raised corners. After that, you can use a trowel to apply roof cement to the edges of the shingles.

Signs You Might Need a Roof Repair Soon

Just like we mentioned earlier, roofs are one of the biggest investments any property owner can make in their building. So, you don’t have to wait to see tons of signs of damage before you opt for a roof repair. If you wait for long, you might end up spending hugely to repair the damages.

What’s the catch? There are signs to look out for – these will make you know you need a roof repair soon. Check these out:

Cracked, absent, or curled shingles. These show that the shingles are getting damaged. If you notice that most of your shingles are affected, then you might need more than a repair. Contact a professional for replacement.

Peeling or blistering of exterior paint. If your attic conducts poor ventilation, your roofline tends to buildup more moisture. This can make your paint peel or grow blisters. It’s a clear indication you need to fix your roof.

Wet, dark, or dirty shingles. If shingles allow moisture to get trapped, they have failed to keep up with their jobs. It’s time for repairs – find the offending shingle and fix it.

Wear and tear around roof openings and objects. If objects like pipes, vents, and chimneys that penetrate your roof are showing signs of wear or tears at the points of attachments to the roof, then it might be time to do dome repairs.

Wet spots and Algae growth. Take a look at your roofing system; if you can find streaks and dark spots, or even signs that indicate algae might be growing there, it means the presence of moisture, and you might need to perform some repairs or hire an expert for roof replacement.

Roof repair in Toronto is something many homeowners wouldn’t want to discuss anytime soon. But it’s bound to happen someday. When it happens; who do you run to? Universal Roofs can deliver stellar roofing services. Whether you’re looking for repairs or replacements, Universal Roofs will work with you to pull off your projects expertly and swiftly.

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